Fishing Report

Click on any of the Highlighted flies to a see a picture or make a purchase.Flows: Double Peak.  3000 in the morning, 1200 noon-4:00, back up to 3000Hatches:  Few BWO's, Few midges, eggs Any questions contact me at greenriverflyfisher@gmail.comRatings on this report will consist of excellent, great, good, fair and poor. A-section: Fair Dry flyfishing has been Fair.   There ... read more

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Flyfishing on the Green River

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Guiding and fishing the Green River is what I do.  My name is Ryan Kelly and I have been a fly fishing guide here on the Green below Flaming Gorge  for over a decade now.  I have logged almost 200 days on the water each of the last 6 years.   I've been fishing and fly fishing the river since I was a young lad. My hope is to help others successfully have the "Green River experience."If you are a novice, looking for a guide, or expert information on the best of Utah fly fishing, this site is here to help you.  You will find information from local guides and fly tiers along with information about entomology. You will also find links to help outfit you to fly fish the best tail water in America. This site is here to help everyone enjoy the river and keep it nice for generations to come. 

Celebrating the Successes of Others

     I have fished with thousands of different anglers over the past few decades.  Everyone fishes for a variety of reasons.  I have stated before that recreation is really re-creation.  We are trying to re-create ourselves in an effort to become who we really want to be.    That may be on a conscious or subconscious level, and many times I'm sure that many of us are even cognizant of what's occurring.  When the desired goal is reached, ther ... read more